Dungeons Dragons and Dice (2nd Edition) Mini Comic

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An Adventure to Unfold.

The physical creation of the 2nd edition of this mini-comic had a focus of revamping an older version of the comic with newer, cleaner art and to bring some new life to a love letter to nerdery now that I had grown as an artist. Especially since the 1st edition of the mini comic only had about 3 screen printed covers made with their own trials and tribulations attached. As an alumni of SCAD I had new skill sets that I hadn’t previously with the first iteration of the mini-comic! This version was specifically created in time to be sold at SPX 2018 where all 15 copies created sold save for my own personal one.

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Cover Poster

A huge part of this mini was to take advantage of the ability to get creative with mini comics as a medium. Dungeons Dragons and Dice is a micro-mini meaning it’s a 28 page mini made from about 2 sheets of paper folded and cut. The cover is the 3rd paper sheet that’s folded down to be a dust jacket with the inside having the dice pattern and can be unfolded to unveil a full poster of the characters the comic’s leads created in their DnD campaign with a dragon!

Reverse Side

Since the whole theme is for Pathfinder and DnD nerds alike on the reverse side of the poster is a custom created character sheet I put together for reader’s to use! This is printed on the other side of the “poster”


Formatting for Print

Given the format of the micro-mini getting 28-32 comic pages out of a single sheet of printer paper using both sides formatting the “pages” for print is sort of puzzle process! I made a dummy comic (using the first iteration of the title before changing it) to be sure everything would line up properly as pictured in photo at the top of the page and then set to work getting everything formatted in Photoshop then printed out, cut, and folded then stapled.

dnd mini book layout portf copy.jpg
dnd mini book layout front portf copy.jpg